Easy Rider Uncle Nine driving his motorbike on the Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam
Easy Rider Uncle Nine doing what he does best!

This is me, Uncle Nine, Duong. I was born on the 1.1.1963 (yes, a new-years-eve child) as child number 9 in a family of 21 children. My mother was mother number 2 out of 4. (Yes, at that time, a man was able to marry more than one woman at the same time - strange, isn't it?)


My Nickname "Uncle Nine" comes from the fact, that I have a lot of nephews and nieces who call me "Cau Chin": meaning Uncle Nine. 


After military service in Cambodia i worked in rice fields and a brick factory, before I started my business as a moto-taxi in Danang City, where I live. 


18 years ago, we startet a new organisation called "Easy Riders Danang". I was an Easy Rider from the beginning. We started on smaller motorbikes, driving Vietnamese Tourist around and showed them the Highland as well as the Ho Chi Minh Road. More and more tourists from abroad came to visit Vietnam and Danang and we started to learn english and take tourists with us - now on bigger and more comfortable bikes. Easy Riding through Vietnam is one of the activities, most travelers enjoy most about Vietnam - although most are a bit afraid of Easy Riding in the beginning, they say afterwards, that it was the best-ever decistion, to go on a ride with me in Vietnam. 


I love to laugh, make jokes and like to enjoy myself. If you want to have a fun-Tour with loads of information about Vietnam, I am the right tourist guide for you. 


If you worry about driving on a motorbike? Don't: it is a lot of fun - no matter if you are small or tall, big or short. You worry, that you have too much laguage? Don't: My motorbike can take quite a lot of laguage in the back. You will not feel anything and have enough space for yourself and your camera: which has to be ready on the bike at all times! While Easy Riding, you will see a lot of overloaded motorbikes who would not be aloud to drive around in your countries :-) I am sure you will make a lot of pictures of them!


If it starts to rain? Don't worry again: I have perfect raincoats to countinue our easy riding tour and get us safely to the next accomodation.


I look forward to meet you and enjoy a "once in your lifetime"-Tour with you!

For me, the most important is the safety of my customer sitting behind me on my motorbike (I named "her" Mia). I drive careful and with foresights. Next to this, it is very important for me, that my customer has a lot of fun and can enjoy the holiday in my beautiful, sweet country. If you want to take a photo, just tell me and I stop for you. We eat Lunch and Dinner together, I organise the accomodation and - if you want - I help you with your forward journey after our Easy Riding tour. (i.e. booking train- or bus ticket for you etc.)


I live in a vietnamese-style house in Danang City, near the train station where I usually meet my customers. I have two daughers in the ages of 19 and 20 as well as a dog. Unfortunately the second (white) dog was killed by someone who sold it to be eaten in a Danang Restaurant end of 2013... Crazy... It still makes me very sad...