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    Karin (Saturday, 25 August 2018 15:45)

    We met uncle 9 on the trainstation in Da Nang. At first we were a bit sceptic about riding on a motorbike but after his stories we decided to just do it. He brought us to our hostel (that was our main goal) but we liked it so much that we also booked a 2day tour. Early in the morning we left from Hoi An and drove to the mountains. He showed us the most beautifull places and the nicest people: The real Vietnam. We went to little markets where we could taste some local food and meet the people. He also stops when there is a nice view so you can take pictures. The tour was really cool so DO IT if you have the chance! Uncle9 likes to make jokes and knows a lot of cardtricks! (when you are lucky he will teach you one ;)). Dont be afraid to do it, they (uncle 9 and his friend Trung) drive very save! We are happy we met Uncle9 and would really recomend it!

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    Shalini Kulkarni (Saturday, 18 August 2018 16:05)

    I arranged a day tour of the Hai Van pass and marble mountains with Uncle 9 as well as a 2 day 1 night ride from Hoi An to Hue, and I couldn't be happier with the service I got! Uncle 9 shared so much great information that I wouldn't have gotten traveling by myself or by bus, and I feel I really got to enjoy the back country roads and villages of a beautiful part of Vietnam.
    He was very attentive to my comfort, was a safe driver, and arranged for great accommodation for our overnight stay in Prao. I will definitely be recommending Uncle 9 tours to my friends and will be contacting him next time I'm in Vietnam!

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    Iris und Jens (Friday, 22 June 2018 14:04)

    Wir hatten sehr, sehr coole 6 Tage mit Uncle Nine und My! Wir erkundeten zusammen den Ho-Chi-Minh-Highway und beide zeigten uns zwischen Da Nẵng, Hue und der Grenze zu Laos das “echte” Vietnam abseits der Touristenzentren. Uncle Nine sprach uns am Bahnhof in Da Nẵng an und wir waren anfangs eher zurueckhaltend (jeder will dort irgendwas von einem). Aber wir fassten schnell Vertrauen (auch wegen der vielen, vielen positiven Bewertungen ueber ihn im Netz) und wir wurden mit 6 faszinierenden Tagen belohnt. Begegnungen mit Dorfbewohnern, Erklaerungen zu Geschichte, Kultur und dem Alltagsleben der Menschen: An ”dieses” Vietnam werden wir uns fuer immer erinnern!
    Danke Uncle Nine, danke My fuer eine tolle Zeit!
    Iris und Jens aus Bielefeld

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    Leanne Jones (South Africa) (Sunday, 01 April 2018 08:57)

    I arrived in Da Nang not knowing what to see or do. At the train station I met Uncle 9 who persuaded me that take a bike tour with him. What a fantastic experience. Uncle 9 speaks English and explains everything as we tour around. He is an amazing tour guide. Thank you so much for a wonderful day.

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    Mathilde Dokka Sveen (Monday, 05 March 2018 09:59)

    Kjæresten min og jeg møtte Uncle 9 og hans kompis på togstasjonen i Da Nẵng, etter en 14 timers togtur. Vi skulle til Tam Coc og ble tilbudt skyss på deres motorsykler for $5 per pers. Det hørtes deilig ut med litt vind i luggen, så vi takket ja og de stroppet på de gigantiske sekkene våre. Et par dager senere ble vi med på en to dagers\en natt-tur og det har vært helt fantastisk! Vi har lært masse, fått sett ting og steder vi aldri hadde sett på egenhånd og jeg anbefaler denne måten å reise på på det varmeste! Terningkast 6

    Martin og Mathilde, Drøbak og Son, Norge

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    Gene Beason (Wednesday, 24 January 2018 12:59)

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    Mariel (Tuesday, 02 January 2018 10:14)

    THANK YOU!!!!! For an amazing tour through the northern part of Vietnam. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience to see different parts of Vietnam that we would have never seen otherwise. It was a wonderful tour and we couldn’t thank you enough for taking care of us throughout the entire time. I HIGHLY recommend this tour with Uncle 9 to explore Vietnam and to see different places you wouldn’t normally see on your own or ever. Thank you again

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    Bailey Lisiecki (Tuesday, 12 December 2017 15:29)

    My mom and I just finished a 2 day trip from Hoi An to Prao then Hai Van Pass and back to Danang. Coundnt day enough great things about our tour and Uncle 9!! His great sense of humor, vast knowledge, and amazing life stories helped make our trip one we will never forget! We hadn’t planned to do the trip originally but when we met Uncle 9 at the train station and he took us for coffee and told us about his tours and showed us other tourists experiences we agreed to do a 2 do tour. Wouldn’t have learned near as much about Vietnam history, culture and way of life if we hadn’t done this tour. Would recommend this tour to anyone!!

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    Luna K. (Sunday, 03 September 2017 04:38)

    Wir haben die 3 Tages Tour mit Uncle 9 gemacht und es war eines der besten Entscheindungen die wir je getroffen haben.
    Er ist so herzlich und bemüht in dem was er tut und er hat stets gute Laune!
    Seine guten Kartentricks und Witze sollte man sich wirklich merken ;)
    Ich habe die 3 Tage sehr genossen.
    ich würde es auf jeden Fall nochmal machen und ich kann es auch nur empfehlen!!
    (oder wie die Kühe sagen würden:"one moreee" :))

    Thank you so much uncle 9!!

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    Grace (Tuesday, 18 April 2017 13:44)

    Hi Uncle 9, my husband and I will come to Danang during 30 Apr to 4 May. Would like to invite you to be our guide, may we know the price from you?

    We would like to spend one day to HoiAn and My Son plus evening food tour(1.5 days tour with car renting services, entrance fee excluding)

    Looking forward for your kind reply

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    claudia (Sunday, 20 November 2016 09:03)

    wir haben unvergessliche tage mit duong und mr. try erlebt herzlichen dank

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    Marjolein (Sunday, 30 October 2016 08:14)

    Ik heb een 2 daagse tour gedaan met uncle nine en het was fantastisch. Hij bracht me naar fantastische plekken waar overduidelijk een stuk minder touristen waren. Tijdens de tour heb ik enorm veel kunnen zien van de omgeving en de cultuur. Hij regelde lekker eten en heeft me op prachtige plekken gebracht. Hij rijdt veilig en was super netjes voorbereid. Ik heb genoten en het was zeker het geld waard.

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    Elisabeth and Sebastian (Monday, 03 October 2016 17:11)

    Uncle 9 and his collegue Bom picked us up at Da Nang train station. Although we planed to take the bus to Hoi An, we agreed on a motorbike trip and having a coffee with this heartful, funny and nice guy we signed the contract for a 2-days-trip through the mountains near Da Nang. This was the best decision we made and we only regret we are not having more time to learn about the nature, the different ethnics, the agriculture and the food of vietnam. Uncle 9 showed us his country in an unforgettable way!!! We thank you so much for the pleasant time we had! Back in Germany we will start saving money for a longer trip with Uncle 9. See you soon!!

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    Jonas j (Monday, 13 June 2016 05:06)

    My gỉlfriend and i met uncle 9 at danang trainstation and offered to take us to hoi an. Not long after meeting uncle 9 we came to know his funny personality. After stoping on the way to hoi an at a roadside cafe we agreed to do a two day tour from hoi an to hue. At first we were hesitant but soon after seeing beautiful scenery in the mountains and uncle 9 great knowledge of his country and it's history we both agreed to extend our trip two more days. We visited minority villages with locals who all greeted us with big smiles, we gained great knowledge of local roadside fruits, veggies and nuts (yum), and took back roads with incredible views. All in all it was a 1000 star tour!! Thank you so much Uncle 9 for teaching and showing us so much of your country! This has truly been the highlight of our 6 month long trip through SE Asia.

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    Julien T (Saturday, 26 December 2015 09:54)

    J'ai passé 3 jours avec Uncle 9. Nous sommes partis de Danang pour aller à Hué, puis nous avons traversé les montagnes pour nous rendre à P'Rao et nous avons fini à Hoi Han.

    Au delà du plaisir de voir ces paysages magnifiques à bord d'une moto, passer ces instants avec Uncle 9 été tout bonnement merveilleux. Si comme moi, vous souhaitez découvrir le véritable Vietnam, loin des sentiers touristiques habituels, n'hésitez pas une seconde pour faire appel à ses services.

    Il vous apportera tout le confort d'un voyage organisé et saura se mettre en 4 pour prendre soin de vous. Il connait le pays merveilleusement bien : sa culture, sa végétation, ses habitants et son histoire. A ses côtés, nous avons tout bonnement le sentiment de faire parti de ce magnifique pays.

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    Catherine and Andreas (Tuesday, 24 November 2015 12:19)

    We met uncle 9 and his friend Ty at the train station in Da Nang and he helped us to get to our hotel. He told us about easy rider and had many good ideas for travelling. He and and Ty are very sympathic an drive very safe, so we booked a tour with them. It was the best decision we cuold make! We had 3 great days and discovered the beautiful landscape and its people in the highlands. Uncle 9 visited with us friendly minorities an told us a lot about them. He knows very much about agriculture, politics an history - he is a very good guide. And best of all: he likes joking and is always funny. So we had a very nice time. We got to know many interesting things and enjoyed our holiday. In the evening we sat together for a drink and it was also very funny! We can recomand this tour for people, who wants to discover the nice landscape in the mountain - far away from main tourism. It was the highlight of our holidays and we hope, someday we can do this again :-)

    Thank you so much!!!

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    Astrid and thomas (Monday, 12 October 2015 14:16)

    P.s.: the occasional gasoline and oil stops are a real treat and a good moment to share some stories and jokes!!!

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    Astrid and Thomas (Monday, 12 October 2015 14:11)

    Today we went with the uncle 9 tours from danang to hue. Een wonderful experience and definitly a must do when you go to Vietnam!
    We started this morning (7am) in the Pouring rain ( read: typhoon).
    Uncle 9 and his friend had everything for us. A complete rain suit with boots and a helmet.
    All the way to hue it was raining like hell but we had the most fun ever.
    When we arrived in hue the weather cleared and after doing the sites we went back to danang.
    On the motorcycle the vieuws (hai van Pass) were magnificent, instant hapiness.
    We would more then recommend it!
    Greetings from belgium

    Thomas and astrid

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    Constance (Friday, 09 October 2015 06:58)

    Thanks uncle nine for a fantastic two days. The greatest thing about uncle nine is his enthusiasm. I think he took more photos than I did and never got impatient or rushed me. The bike was awesome and he's a really safe driver. If anything I wished he'd go faster. It was a really fun way to drink a lot of great coffee, eat good food and see the beautiful mountains

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    Janine Richter (Sunday, 16 August 2015 11:44)

    The following recession is in englisch and german. Die nachfolgende Rezession ist in Englisch und Deutsch.

    English Version:
    Me and my boyfriend met the Easy Rider at the trainstation of Danang. At first sight we only had planned transfer to our hotel in Hoi An. Our large backpacks were simply loaded onto the luggage rack of bikes and so we went to Hoi An. The ride was pleasant refreshing by the wind and you could consider the environment directly, which is more pleasant than just looking through a car window. We made a short stop at a cafe to drink some tea while the Easy Riders were speaking abount the tours they've done so far. It was not that difficult to combine our original plan with a tour with our New frinds. We quickly arranged a tour without having to throw all our planning into disarray. We agreed a 3 day tour. First from Hoi An to My Son on the Ho Chi Minh Road after to the north. One night there, looking at the grave of Tu Duc Hue. On the third day, we went even to Bach-na National Park.
    The tour cost about 9,000,000 for two people and an overnight stay. (The others we paid by ourselves.) The deposit of 4,000,000 is to cover the running costs. The rest will be paid at the end of the tour.
    The tour was definitely great that's for sure. We have seen so much things, especially things we would never have had noticed, if we had been on the road with moped alone. For example sesame grows at the roadside and even tens of other plants and fruit, a rubbertree, villages of Vietnam's minority groups, how to make rice paper and pigeons build their nests in cases of old televisions. It was great that people were not adjusted in the villages to tourists. They even did not try to sell anything. They were only interested in who is just coming but have otherwise made their daily things further. It was like normale and everyday lifestyle.
    But my personal highlight was dinner together with the Easy Riders. Especially Uncle 9 has so much knowledge about the country, its history and also about all kinds of plants that abeles him to talk about all day long if nessessary. And his card tricks are also quiet interesting. ;)
    If we travel to Vietnam again, we will repeat a tour like this in any case again. However, I believe that my butt can't stand more than three days on a motorbike. :P

    Deutsche Version:
    Mein Freund und ich trafen die easyrider am Bahnhof von Danang. Eigentlich wollten wir nur zu unserem Hotel nach Hoi an gebracht werden. Unsere großen Rucksäcke wurden kurzerhand auf die Gepäckträger der Motorräder geladen und so ging es ab Richtung Hoi An. Die Fahrt war angenehm erfrischend durch den Fahrtwind und man konnte die Umgebung mal nicht nur durch ein Autofenster betrachten. Wir machten einen kurzen Stop um einen Tee zu trinken und dabei erzählten uns die easyrider, was sie so für Touren machten. Es war nicht schwierig unsere ursprüngliche Planung und eine Tour aufeinander abzustimmen. Schnell hatten wir gemeinsam eine Tour zusammengestellt, ohne unsere gesamte Planung über den Haufen werfen zu müssen. Wir vereinbarten eine 3 Tagestour. Zuerst von Hoi An über My Son über die Ho chi Minh road Richtung Norden. Eine Übernachtung und dann weiter nach Hue und dort noch das Grab von Tu Duc angeschaut. Am dritten Tag ging es dann noch zum Bach-na Nationalpark.
    Die Tour kostete 9.000.000 für zwei Personen und eine Übernachtung. (Die andere haben wir selbst bezahlt.) Die Anzahlung von 4.000.000 ist zur Deckung der laufenden Kosten. Der Rest wird zum Ende der Tour bezahlt.
    Die Tour hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt. Wir haben so viel gesehen was uns selbst gar nicht aufgefallen wäre, wenn wir allein mit dem Moped unterwegs gewesen wären. Zum Beispiel Sesam der am Straßenrand wächst und noch zig andere Pflanzen und Früchte, einen Kauchukbaum, Dörfer von vietnamesischen Minderheiten, wie man Reispapier herstellt und Tauben die in Fernsehern ihr Nest bauen. Vor allem fand ich es toll, dass die Menschen in den Dörfern nicht auf Touristen eingestellt waren. Uns wurde nichts versucht zu verkaufen, die Menschen waren lediglich interessiert, wer da gerade kommt, aber haben ansonsten ihre täglichen Dinge weiter gemacht. Es war einheimisches Leben haut nah.
    Mein persönliches Highlight war jedoch das gemeinsame Abendessen mit den easyridern. Vor allem uncle 9 hat so viel Wissen über das Land, dessen Geschichte und auch über alle möglichen Pflanzen, dass man immer was zu erzählen hat. Und seine Kartentricks sind auch nicht ohne. ;)
    Wenn wir nochmal nach Vietnam kommen wollen wir auf jeden Fall noch eine Tour machen. Allerdings glaub ich dass mein Hintern mehr als drei Tage am Stück nicht auf dem Motorrad aushält. :P

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    Mish (Sunday, 12 July 2015 08:39)

    Me and five friends rode with Uncle 9 and 5 of his easy riders for 3 days. We had such an amazing time and saw the most beautiful scenery along the Ho Chi Minh road. Uncle 9 stopped at all the best spots for us to take photos and to take it all in! We had so much fun with all the easy riders, they're all super friendly, funny and welcoming. Thank you so much for our trip guys!

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    smriti (Friday, 03 July 2015 14:44)

    I did a 2 day 1 night tour with uncle 9 from hoi an to hue. He is a great guide, very knowledgeable and caring. I saw gorgeous scenery I wouldn't have otherwise and learned a lot about the culture. I recommend uncle 9 to those looking to do an easy rider tour!

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    Vebjørn & Sofia (Wednesday, 10 June 2015 09:16)

    Vi møtte "uncle 9" på togstasjonen I Danang, som veldig mange andre. Han tilbydde oss skyss til Hoi An for 5$ per person. Prisen er litt stiv, men vi takket heldigvis ja. Halvveis på turen til Hoi An stopper "uncle 9" og kompisen hans "mr. T" for å spandere kaffe på oss og fortelle om de guida turene de driver med. I begynnelsen virket det litt i overkant, men etter å ha fått skreddersydd en tre dager lang tur til Hue, sa vi oss fornøyd med tilbudet. Prisen på 210$ per pers var ganske dyr ettersom hverken mat eller drikke er inkludert. Men det er nok einaste negative vi kan sei om turen. "Uncle 9" er en helt fantastisk person som både er omtenksom og flink til det meste. Flink sjåfør og enormt med kunnskap om området og lokal kultur. Vi hadde også gleden av selskapet til en amerikaner som hadde en lignende tur som oss. Kombinasjonen av en konstant livlig og morsom tone og innsyn og meninger om vietnamesisk kultur gjør at ingen burde gå glipp av denne mannen. Køyringa gjennom fjella er idyllisk og avslappende. Vietnam sin natur er virkelig nydelig. Dei var veldig flinke sjåfører og spør deg heile tida om du har det bra. Anbefales på det sterkaste!

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    Caroline & Felix (Thursday, 04 June 2015 07:50)

    We found Uncle 9 on tripadvisor and called him to talk about our plans. We decided to do a 3 days/2 nights tour starting in Hoi An trough the highlands to Hue. He and His Buddy My made everything perfect for us. We had a lot of local stops ( e.g. making rice paper, see ethnic minorities...) and a lot of fun! We would totally recommend a tour with these funny guides.
    Caroline and Felix (Germany)

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    Steffan and Laura (Monday, 04 May 2015 15:00)

    As most of you we meet uncle 9 outside the trainstation.
    On our ride to our hotel in Hoi an, we stopped in to let him tell about his tours.
    Spontaineosly we booked a Tour 2 days/1 Night to the mountains.
    Which turned out to be our best tour travelling in southeast asia for 5 months.
    Our biggest regret now is we only had time for the 2days/1 night :)
    - Steffan and Laura - Greenland

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    Ben & Julie (Thursday, 09 April 2015 12:17)

    Nous avons rencontré oncle 9 à la gare qui nous a conduit a notre hotel... Jusque la rien de fou jusqu'à que l'on discute autours d'une bonne bière de ses excursions !
    Nous avons donc tenté l'aventure sur deux jours entre Danang et Hoi an c'était magnifique toutes les deux minutes on était la "waou c'est bôôô" bref une bonne expérience avec une bonne personne qu'est oncle 9! Toujours partant pour rigoler, attentionné, il nous a montré beaucoup du "vrai" Vietnam!
    Merci beaucoup Oncle 9!

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    Jennea Wood (Monday, 02 March 2015 11:00)

    My friend and I met Uncle Nine and Mr. T at the Da Nang train station. We thought we were just getting a motorbike ride to Hoi An, but they quickly pursuaded us to join them on a two day, one night tour of the Vietnam countryside via motorbike. I'm so glad we went for it! We never would have found the gorgeous mountains, small towns, local markets and local craftspeople on our own. It also made such a difference having guides who could answer our questions along the way. They were unfailingly accomodating and kind and also hilarious : ) As two young women traveling alone, we felt completely safe the entire trip. Also, traveling on the back of a motorbike gives you a totally different perspective than in a bus or train. So much fun! Why not?!

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    James Overstall (Thursday, 08 January 2015 00:34)

    I knew Uncle Nine meant good business when I noticed his Honda at Da Nang station. I'm not easily persuaded when it comes to changing my travel plans but he talked me into his two day bike trip from Hoi An to Hue and it was one of the highlights of my time in Vietnam. His English is great, he's a knowledgeable guide and overall cool guy and he's able to add a personal touch to explaining Vietnamese history and culture. Thank you Uncle Nine!

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    Megan Kenney (Monday, 05 January 2015 15:49)

    We just finished a two day bike trip out of Hoi An with Uncle Nine. What a fantastic experience! The scenery was spectacular and Uncle Nine is the "Wikipedia" of everything Vietnam. He has an incredible amount of energy and truly enjoys spending time with new people. And his card tricks aren't bad either! He has the "extra something" when it comes to being a tour guide - very flexible, thoughtful and always ready to share a joke. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great trip to see the real Vietnam.

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    Tone and Thea (Sunday, 30 November 2014 09:00)

    We, like so many others, first met Uncle 9 and Ti at the trainstation at Da Nang. They talked us in to "taxi ride" to Hoi An and a one and a half day trip up to the mountains and rural areas outside. Hoi An. The tours were GREAT! We saw a lot and learned a lot. Uncle 9 is a man with good knowledge about the country and the people of Vietnam. Both Ti and Uncle 9 made us feel safe during the ride, and they were really nice spending time with. This trip has so far been one of the best experience in Southeast Asia. Thank you, Uncle 9 and Ti!

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    Barbara (Tuesday, 18 November 2014 10:14)

    I got picked up by Uncle 9 at Da Nang trainstation. Without having any plans, he convinced me to do a two day tour through a Vietnam I otherwise would never have had the possibility to visit. After a while talking to him, he brouhgt me to Hoi An and 2 days later I was on this amazing biketrip which left so many impressions, that I can only recommend this tour, but especially him as guide! Uncle 9's English is very good and he knows so much about everything.
    Thank you!!

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    Hannamari (Sunday, 12 October 2014 11:31)

    I met Uncle Nine when I arrived to Danang by train and he took me to Hoi An. I had not planned a longer motorcycle trip but it sounded like a great way to see Vietnam. So I booked a two days trip with him and I am so happy I did. The journey was just amazing. We visited local people, saw great landscape and had great time. Uncle Nine is very safe driver and good company. He is also happy to share a lot of interesting information about the country, its nature and its people. If you want to see real and beautiful Vietnam, I truly recommend you take Uncle Nine as your guide.

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    Vicky Cheung (Thursday, 11 September 2014 07:35)

    I was first planning a trip to visit a few places in Vietnam which was inititall A Luoi village P'Rao town and Danang, but Uncle nine suggested a much better plan for me to ensure I get to expereience more of Vietnam, Where in addition I can stop at Hoi An, Lang Co beach and go to Hai Van Pass which I am glad he had suggested it. Throughout my 2 and half days trip with Uncle Nine it has been a great experience travelling on the motorobike, riding through the highest of the montain tops, riding through the villages and being greeted by the friendly locals and school kids and overseeing the most spectacular views of Vietnam. My experience has been something I will always remember and on top of that Uncle Nine has been a very friendly and accomodating. I felt very safe during my journey with him.

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    annie (Thursday, 07 August 2014 19:39)

    I have just returned from my second trip with Uncle Nine, the first last year was a two day trip which I enjoyed so much I was determined to return for a longer trip.
    This time the trip was going to be on my own so I emailed uncle nine to ask if he would pick me up from the airport which he agreed and sent me an itinary for the 10 days which started at Danang and took us up into the highlands before coming back onto the coast by Na Trang then back up the coast to Danang.
    It was a really amazing holiday the highlights being riding on an elephant at lak lake , swimming in waterfalls, watching a group of minority children playing in a muddy puddle giggling with delight,the outstanding landscape both up in the highlands and on the coast but most of all the warm welcome I was given by the local people everywhere we went.
    Uncle nine looked after me stopping regularly along the way pointing out either historical or religious areas of interest as well as huge amounts of nature, fruits, vegetables, coffee, rubber trees and silk worms.
    Each day was a real adventure even when the rain poured up in the highlands it didn't spoil the trip in any way. Uncle nine ensured I stayed dry by providing waterproofs and wellies.
    Iam definitely going back for a third trip to explore even more of beautiful Vietnam and I can't think of a better way to do it than on the back of a motorbike and with your own personal guide who knows so much of his own country.
    Thank you uncle Nine!!

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    Jessica and Louise (Thursday, 07 August 2014 12:07)

    We met with Uncle Nine at Danang Train station after a very tiring overnight journey from Hanoi. He took us to our homestay in Hoi An and offered to take us on a one day tour during our stay. We were not dissapointed!! The places we saw were incredible and the whole journey hilarious. His jokes keep you laughing and there is never a dull moment! We are only sad that, due to other trains booked etc that we couldnt take a longer tour with him. You get to see places and talk to people that you wouldn't as a lone tourist and, after our trip with Uncle Nine, we look forward to returning to Vietnam and spending longer with him!

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    Ruben (Wednesday, 06 August 2014 21:23)

    Together with my friend Wim, I met Uncle Nine in Danang. We decided to take a short trip up to Hoi An. Along the road, we took a stop at the buddhist sanctuary at Marble mountains. We had a fun afternoon, which made us decide to plan another day easy riding with Uncle nine and his friend. As an experienced rider, he's the right man to advice you which highlights you can't mis. Along the road we stopped at the My Son temples, at a farm house where we could make rice paper, at a waterfall where we could have a refreshing swim,... Along the road he's very talkative and he'll make a stop at every landscape, every plant, every house,... that is worth having a look at. We appreciated he never seemed to be in a hurry: at every stop we could take our time and we could request extra stops (e.g. for taking photo's or buying drinks) at any time.
    Before planning a trip with uncle nine we hesitated a bit because his price was higher then most free riders would ask. Afterwards, we feel like he's entitled to this price due to his experience and because he genuinly cared about us having a good time.

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    Brenda (Wednesday, 23 July 2014 08:43)

    If you want to explore Vietnam, Uncle 9 is your best choice!

    I joined a 2-day tour with Uncle 9 to My Son, and up to the mountain to Prao, then go to Hoi An and back to Da Nang. He is genuinely funny, and you won’t feel bored on the road. And along the road, Uncle 9 will show you all the interesting things that you don’t know. Have you ever seen a cinnamon tree? Have you ever seen how black pepper grows? Have you ever met the minority villages and the super friendly villagers who say “Hello! Hello!” to you on the way? If not, then you need to join the tour with Uncle 9! He is so knowledge on all the things that he can answer you whatever you asked him!

    And he is also very flexible on the tour. Depends on what you are interested, you can just tell Uncle 9 and he will schedule a tailor-made tour for you. No worry if you are not too a “motor-bike rider”, since you will feel very safe sitting at the back of Uncle 9 even in heavy rain! And Uncle 9 is so caring that he will check whether you are ok or not on the way to make sure you don’t get bike sick.

    I am sure you will have an unforgettable experience if you go on tour with Uncle 9, same as me! :)

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    Signe Sophie Lange (Thursday, 12 June 2014 04:10)

    I miss Doung! He is such a great man. I went on a 3 days trip with him, with my two travel partners and two other easy rider. We went from Hoi An to Hué around the mountains. I was lucky that Duong was my easy rider. He is so easy to talk with and get to know. He is such good company. He is funny, has a lot of knowledge about Vietnam and everything you want to know. If not, he will just made something up ;-) I felt safe all the time, and even got to ride his bike on my own! You are stupid or boring if you're not going on an easy rider tour with Doung. You will never regret and never forget :-)
    Best regards
    Signe Sophie, Denmark

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    Deborah Gartner - Australia (Monday, 14 April 2014 02:36)

    I met Duong in Danang when he came to take me around to see the sites. I had such a great day that I decided to get him to transport me to Hoi An (with my enormous suitcase). Duong arranged my motel, which was excellent and affordable. I went on another day trip with Duong around that area and decided to take a 3 day trip up into the mountains on the bike. It was the experience of a lifetime. You see the REAL Vietnam and the views are spectacular! Duong is a great rider and I ALWAYS felt safe. He is very honest and trustworthy. If Duong tells you something is ok, IT IS. Duong is still looking after me as I am a 55 year old woman travelling alone. He has helped me with travel and accommodation even after we parted ways. Take the opportunity to travel with Duong and absorb his immense knowledge of his culture and the real people of Vietnam. Enjoy!!! Deborah - Australia

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    Thomas Roberts (Friday, 03 January 2014 12:34)

    Mr Duong is a great friendly guy. We met him at the train station in Da Nang after a long overnight train journey. It didn't take much persuading for us to agree to a bike tour from Danang to Hoi An. And I am so glad we did it. Out of the whole 3 weeks I was in Vietnam they had to be two of my best days. From climbing up Marble Mountain to riding down Ho Chi Minh Road to visiting minority villages and tea plantations along the way. All well worth doing.
    Uncle 9 is willing to stop for photographs whenever you want and tell you all about Vietnam on the way round. Uncle 9 is the one.
    Thomas Roberts (England)

  • #9

    Ranesh Reddi (Wednesday, 01 January 2014 03:55)

    There is something special about Mr Duong, I met him at the train station in Da Nang, when he suggested a bike tour in the countryside to me, I recall his infamous words..."why not?"...3 magical days were spent in the mountains...i now am privileged to say, that I have experienced the real Vietnam, from Villages to beautiful scenery to divine food, and have met a great friend along the way, for those who are considering this tour..."try something new...why not?"
    From Johannesburg, South Africa

  • #8

    Matt (Tuesday, 17 December 2013 07:28)

    I did a one day tour with Duong to some interesting attractions around the Da Nang region such as Marble Mountain and the beautiful town of Hoi An. He is an excellent host and guide; knowledgeable, trustworthy, friendly and punctual. I learnt and discovered so much about the history and culture of the region from Duong. He will tailor the tour to your individual interests and won't hesitate to stop the motorbike if you want to take some photographs or have coffee/beer/food along the way.I would highly recommend him to any fellow travelers. Matt (From England).

  • #7

    William Parra (Monday, 16 December 2013 16:20)

    We'll, my name is William I'm originally from Colombia but now currently living in Brazil.
    I met Uncle 9 in the train station in Da Nang, who offered their services to take me to my hotel in Hoi Ann. On the way to the hotel we stopped to drink a coffee and we spoke about the possibility to organize a tour the next day.
    It was the best experience in Vietnam travel with Uncle 9! It was a shame doesn't have more time in order to spend more days with him :(.

    He is a trustful person a super recommended. For sure one of the best part of my Asia trip.

  • #6

    Matt S (Wednesday, 11 December 2013 10:01)

    I was approached at the train station by Mr. Duong (Uncle 9), and hired him for a ride from Danang to Hoi An. Along the way we stopped for a coffee, and he told me about his tour company and tried to sell me on one for the following day. I have to say, I felt more than a little trepidation about taking off for an entire day on a motorcycle with a guy I'd just met... But I'm so glad I did it!

    He picked me up from my hotel the following day, and gave me a fantastic ride around the countryside all day until returning me back in Danang. He's a great driver, and told me interesting and funny stories all day while we drove around and stopped for breaks at various monuments, markets, and even a cool 2-woman little rice paper factory. I saw amazing parts of the countryside, hung out in villages where no other tourists go, and learned and a lot from his stories about childhood and growing up in an ever-changing Vietnam. I would definitely recommend a tour with Uncle 9.

  • #5

    Mauritz K (Wednesday, 04 December 2013 10:13)

    Also at the trainstation I was offerd a ride to Hoi An as I pland. After some refreshments and dealing we was on the way. After one more pitstop on the way he made further presentations of his buissnes and I was starting to think that my many adventures on my owen bikes at home, and many times i thailand, perhapps needed some complementations. I soon decided to go for a spontain 8 day ride, this time on the back off the bike whitch was new to me. We had very fun making plans, and how to fit a casket of beer behind me. I traveld very light to Asia this time, whitout any pack at all,so we just went for it. After my stay in Hoi An he picked me upp and we drowe off. The best part is that Uncle Nine is bright and well orientaded so we made many detours that was unforgeteble. Last time we change plans was do to heavy whether and we went back to DaNang. After that I stayed one extra week there socializing whit U.N and we made some daytrips when I heared of some nice place to visit. Nearby there are many. But the time whit U.N on lokal eskapades was also unforgetable. He also took me into ho his family and we made a big party whit nighbers and all. Today we planing my next visit to that will help :)

  • #4

    Claudia & Ute (Friday, 04 October 2013 07:12)

    We arrived at Da Nang train station after a 14h ride and the last thing we wanted to do is to book a tour through the highlands with an easy rider. However, Uncle Nine and his friend Bom convinced us to do a 3 day tour and what shall we say? It was the best decision ever and although we had quite a strict schedule we extended our tour for 2 days! We learned more about the country in those 5 days than the weeks before. We harvested rice, saw how rice wine or peanut oil is made, stood in coffee/ pineapple/ cinnamon plantations, visited an orphanage and numerous minority villages, learned a lot about culture & history and went to secluded waterfalls. Plus: we had the feeling to be the only tourists - at least for 5 days ;-)!! Just do it – you won’t regret it!!!

  • #3

    Ken Spencer (Sunday, 28 July 2013 14:59)

    I've just finished a 5 day motorbike tour with Yuong aka Uncle Nine.
    It was terrific trip that took us to many rural communities. You got to inter react many minority people as they worked making rice paper, hand weaving beautiful tapestries and harvesting cinnamon. We also took in the ancient civilisation of the Chams and relived a bit of the Vietnam war with Khe Sanh and the claustrophobic tunnels of Vinh Moc. Duong was most informative and was of great assistance.
    I always felt safe riding with him and above all was fun to be with.
    I recommend this tour.
    Ken Spencer (Melbourne, Australia)

  • #2

    Ken Spencer (Friday, 26 July 2013 16:01)

    I have just finished a five day motor cycle tour with Uncle Nine. It was a unique experience that I would thoroughly recommend to all travellers. Uncle Nine took me to the 'must see' Vietnam attractions but also to the rural areas so rarely visited.
    His commentary was very informative, his attention to your needs was first rate making it a most enjoyable trip.

    Ken Spencer (Australia)

  • #1

    Petra from Switzerland (Tuesday, 02 July 2013 22:52)

    I was doing a Tour with Uncle Nine this April, 2013.

    First we met at the train statino Da Nang and did a 1-day Tour to Ba Na Hills and to Hoi An, where I stayed a few days.

    I then decided, to do a 4-day-Tour through the highlands. While driving I enjoyed myself so much, that I decided, to make 7 days to Dalat, where I (again) decided to change my plans and postponed my departure from Duong for another 3 days and drove with Duong back north to Da Nang. Here I did another 1-day-tour to Monkey Mountain and surroundings.

    Can I really give a better recommandation than that? Duong knows a lot about Vietnam, the people, the wars. His sense of humor is very funny and he is a very trustworthy and reliable man. He does everything for a customer and wants the customers to be happy. He is very helpful and honsted, a very safe driver. Just a person "to have fun with".

    He is an enrichtment of every vietnames-journey - which you should not miss!

    Yes it is "a lot of money" - but in the end: you will never-ever get to know this beautiful country as good like this. You meet minority people, see all different farms and factories, see all the beautiful landscape.

    You will never get in contact with the "real vietnam" any other way.

    Driving on a motorbike, you will see and meet Vietnam, have the ability to take photos whenever you want, eat with the locals in small restaurants and enjoy some rice-wine or any other of the special "drinks" :-)

    Double thumbs up for Duong: you are a great tour guide a lovely, honest and funny man. You showed me a lot of Viet Nam and I think I understand "the way you are" a bit better now.

    I will always keep our trip in best memories!

    To the world out there: JUST DO IT ;-)))